Do you need fixed or removable prosthesis?

What is dental prosthesis?

An adult has 32 teeth which are aligned along the jawbone. Teeth losses may happen due to an external impact to the jaw or irregular oral care. Whatever the reason is, teeth loss is a functional loss as the mouth is the beginning of digestion. Teeth loss that reduces the quality of eating may even affect a person’s tone of voice if the losses are too many. That’s why, prostheses are an alternative way of dental treatment for teeth loss. Prostheses are suitable for people at any age. They are often preferred for the treatment of teeth loss as people age. Prostheses that have a striking resemblance to natural teeth sweeps away the bad look of missing teeth.  Protheses will function the same as real teeth and require the same oral hygiene because nutrient leftovers that will build up among protheses will cause bacteria to grow. These bacteria will affect the healthy teeth as well. What’s more, they will lead to gingival diseases. That’s why, you must pay utmost attention to your prostheses.

What are the differences between fixed and removable prostheses?

The type of protheses and personal demands vary according to the needs. Dental prostheses are produced in two types: fixed and removable prostheses. Fixed prostheses, which function like teeth, cannot be removed easily and have a long lifespan. On the other hand, removable prostheses can be removed whenever you want and therefore are easy to clean. While fixed prostheses can be used by people who lost all their teeth, removable prostheses can be produced according to the missing teeth. In addition, the lifespan of removable prostheses is longer than fixed prostheses. Each of them has their own advantages, but when evaluated we can say that chewing function is nearly the same in both. However, patients explain that fixed prostheses have a more aesthetic appearance. With their differences, advantages and uses, dental prostheses are an alternative treatment for teeth loss. Your dentist will be your guide when choosing the best and most appropriate prosthesis.

Which of these prostheses do you need?

Dental prostheses that are applied to overcome the negative effects of teeth loss are produced in different types according to the need of the patient. Whether you need fixed or removable prostheses is determined depending on the location and the number of missing teeth. If you need to use prosthesis, you should consult your dentist and get information to decide whether you need fixed or removable prosthesis. The type of prosthesis will differ according to the function of chewing, convenience of cleaning and use and the location of it inside the mouth. Whatever your preference is, you mustn’t forget to pay attention to its care.

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