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Dr. Dt. Mehmet Soydinç

Dr.Soydinc has started his dentistry education in Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2006 after his graduation from Gaziantep Ozel Seckin High School. In 2013 he attended the Department of Orthodontics in Katip Celebi University. He got his degree as ‘Orthodontist’ in 2018 with presentation of a thesis on the subject ‘Evaluation of soft tissue contours of skeletal class 1,2,3 patients by Streophotogrametrics before and after puberty’.

Between 2018-2021 he served as an orthodontist in Manisa Oral and Dental Health Center. In 2022 he started working in Dentavia Dental Clinic as a partner dentist and in ULTIMADENT Dental Clinic as an orthodontist. He has attended many national and international courses and congresses and has high level knowledge on current approaches and treatments in orthodontics. With the help  of his up-to-date knowledge, he performs transparent aligner treatments  along with traditional orthodontic treatments. He speaks English fluently. He is a member of Turkish Society of Dentists, European Orthodontic Society, Turkish Society of Orthodontics, American Association of Orthodontits and Society of Private Orthodontists.