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The key to have an aesthetic appearance is to imitate the natural teeth in the best way. The enamel is a translucent tissue. That’s why, in order to obtain the most natural appearance in the front teeth, ceramic crown, which has similar features to the enamel, is used.

Alternative for Challenging Dental Conditions

When the teeth are not suitable for applying porcelain veneer, e.g.

  • if you have unhygienic / unaesthetic metal base porcelain crowns
  • if your teeth are misaligned
  • if there is severe malformation in the enamel,

then the first option for cosmetic purposes is to use e-max, which is glass, an all-ceramic substance.

Thin and Strong

E-max crowns are made from lithium disilicate blocks. They are computer-aided designs and products (CAD-CAM). Although these restorative crowns are produced in an extremely thin form, they have a superior strength to withstand pressure while grinding or biting. The most important advantage of them is they need a little removal on the surface of the teeth as they are produced as thin slices. So, there is little possibility of creating sensitivity on the teeth. However, because e-max is a customized production, it is more expensive than other crowns such as metal base porcelain crown.