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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the steps after contacting you?

After contacting us the first step is to determine the kind of dental treatment necessary for you; which we can determine via a free virtual consultation with our dentists, for this, we will be needing your most recent x-rays and specific intra-oral photos according to pre-defined poses.

After you fill out the form and send us the x-rays and photos, you should be selecting a convenient time for you to have the visual consultation with our dentists. At this time, our dentists and your patient manager will explain to you the ideal treatment, what results you can expect, cost and all the questions you have. The cost is close to an accuracy of 100% but a live consultation and radio-graphic results may change the cost in a small amount.

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2.Will I face any language barriers during my treatment?

Not only for communication but for all your needs through out your treatments in our clinic, there are patient managers waiting for you. They speak Spanish and English fluently and Turkish as their native language, also Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buket Han also speaks German at native-level. They will always be there to explain the details about your treatment, accommodation and transfers. Concerning any other languages, an external translator will be hired for you, for the days you are here.

3.What guarenties do you offer?

First and foremost every treatment we do is under guaranty, coverage duration of the guaranties are changing according to the procedures, on minor complications we are covering up to an amount of the treatment so you can visit one of our collaborated dentists in Europe for a quicker fix. On major complications, we kindly ask you to come back to Turkey. We will be covering an amount of your flight and accommodation expenses and the guaranteed treatment will be free of charge.

We’d also like to indicate that our guaranty requests on major complication percentage is <1%.

4.Why should I choose Ultima Dent?

At Ultima Dent, we understand that trust is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a dental clinic. Here are a few reasons why we believe you can trust us with your dental care:

Experience: We have helped countless patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles over the years and are committed to continuing to provide the same procedure.
Personalized Care: We believe every patient is unique and deserves personalized care tailored to their needs. That's why we take the time to get to know each of our patients and develop customized treatments that address their specific concerns and goals.
State-of-the-Art Technology: We are constantly investing in the latest dental technology and techniques to ensure our patients receive the most advanced and effective care possible. From 3D scans to digital imprinting, we use cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide the best possible results.
Patient Satisfaction: Our ultimate goal is always to ensure that our patients are completely satisfied with their experience at UltimaDent. We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where our patients feel at ease, and we are always happy to address any concerns or questions. Also, we fully support the post-treatment process.
On-Site Laboratory: We work closely with a laboratory located on-site, which allows for instant communication, precise customization, a time-saving attitude, and quality control. The laboratory's use of advanced technological equipment ensures precision in producing prosthetic restorations.

5.Where is Ultima Dent located?

Ultima Dent is located at İzmir, Türkiye, one of the most tourist-attracted cities of the country, with beautiful and historic interest points both in and out of the center; including ancient Greek and Ottoman city ruins, and seaside views on the coast. İzmir is also filled with art at every corner of the city.

6.How come your dental treatments are more affordable and economical than Europe/America?

The significantly lower cost of dental treatments offered through Ultima Dent is mainly due to the lower cost of labour in Turkey.  The lower wages in our country are the main reason why healthcare services are so affordable.

7.Does low cost treatment mean poor quality?

Absolutely not; the reason for the lower cost of dental treatments is low labour costs. However, this does not influence the quality of dental care services. The high quality of treatments and prosthetic works is due to the professionalism of the entire team of dental care specialists, assistants and technicians, as well as to the high level of education through acclaimed universities, international training and specialisation courses, certified by titles and accreditation equivalent to those of their counterparts in the Western countries.

8.How is the quality of the equipment at your clinic?

We prioritize the use of the latest technology, such as CBCT imaging, intraoral scanners, advanced dentistry software, digital smile design planning and digitally guided surgeries. These cutting-edge tools enable us to increase the success of treatments.

9.What type of anesthesia do you use?

For most of our treatments, we are using local anesthesia to reduce your pain. However, in some implantology surgeries, in the case of dental fear or nausea, we ask the patient if they’d like to have sedation under the control of an anesthesiologist, which is a state of controlled consciousness, if that is the case we plan the operation out including sedation.

10.Can you describe a typical treatment session?

1. Arriving at İzmir
After your arrival, our transfer agency will be welcoming you with a sign with your name on it and picking you up for your lift to your preferred hotel or to our clinic depending on our schedule, and the arrangements.

2.First Consultation
On the day of your first entry to our clinic you will be signing couple of documents regarding your approval of treatments and filling out a registration paper about your past medical conditions. After intra-oral and radiographical examinations your exact treatment necessities willl be defined. There might be some differences from your virtual consultation. This may lead up to an increase in total budget as well as a decrease, of course you will be given an explanation about the reasons why we recommend the necessary treatment.

3. Starting the Treatment
If all is well and once you decide to undergo the treatment, we will start immediately after your payment, so we can finish faster and save you the most time we can. Payments can be received in TRY, USD and EUR and also in cash, bank transfer and credit card.

If all goes to plan, your treatment will be completed on before-mentioned schedule.

4. End of the Treatment and Returning Home
After explaining your after care, medication uses and guaranty (warranty) we will be informing you about every next step of the procedure. After leaving the clinic for the last time you will be transferred back to your hotel and from there to the airport by our transport agency. If your treatment requires another stage, especially in implant treatments we will be welcoming you again in 1.5 months to 6 months.

11.What are your accommodation options?

Some are closer to our clinic and some are more luxurious than others, we have a various selection of hotels we are working with, all of them having world-class standards. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade from our default option at your convenience. Our default option being Coordinat Suit , upgraded options including Hyatt Regency and Key Hotel; all great alternatives.

12.What is the next step after acceptance of proposal?

After you decide to initiate the procedure, we will plan your appointments depending on both parties’ schedule. After the payment of the 250 € deposit on our website, which will be deducted from your total treatment cost, we expect you to buy your flight ticket and send us your boarding pass. We will be booking your transfers and hotel of your preference free of charge.

13.What are my travel options to İzmir?

The most common option is traveling by plane to Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB). There exists many direct flights from many European cities.

14.Will I have the free time to go sightseeing?

If your procedure includes surgeries such as dental implants you might not. But, if the treatment involves cosmetic dentistry like veneers or crowns, you most definitely will have. Assuming that latter is the case, we are glad to help you with all your touristic endeavours. 

15.Do you have any associate dentists/clinics in Europe for any unexpected treatment complications?

We are working with collaborated experienced dentists in various countries in Europe including England, Netherlands and Germany.

16.How much money will I be saving if I come to İzmir for my treatment?

On average, a patient saves about 60% to 70% per treatment while discovering a new culture, history, and enjoying top-quality care.

17.How is the sterilization standard?

At UltimaDent, we take sterilization regulations very seriously. We follow strict sterilization protocols to ensure that all of our equipment and instruments are properly cleaned and maintained.
Our clinic is equipped with the latest and most advanced sterilization technology, such as ultrasonic cleaners, sealing machines, autoclaves and air disenfection system in all of our clinics.

18.Will I be able to talk with the dental surgeon before my visit?

Absolutely yes, you will have a virtual consultation session together beforehand and for any other questions you might have.

19.What languages do the dentists speak?

All of our physicians speak English and Doç. Dr. Buket Han also speaks German. Your patient manager will also speak Spanish too.

20.Can I bring my partner with me?

Of course you can, there might be an increase in cost of accommodation but we can still arrange your transfers free of charge.