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In order to have a beautiful smile, it is not sufficient to have beautiful white teeth. The secondary factor on the aesthetics of the smile is the gingiva. In order to have a perfect aesthetic result, asymmetrical, uneven gingival contour height which is not harmonious with the teeth must be redesigned. This treatment is called ‘pink aesthetics’ (gingival aesthetics).   

Healthy gingiva is described as pink in color, pale, surface stippling and non-bleeding. In order to perform gingival operations, firstly gingival treatment must be provided if the patient has gingival bleeding or swelling. Afterwards the gum is brought to the desired size, shape and thickness via basic surgical incisions or soft tissue laser. There is generally fast and painless recovery.

Brown-black discoloration in the gum ruins the healthy and aesthetic appearance.  Such pigmentation may occur due to smoking in individuals who have intensive melanin pigments which give the hair and the skin their color genetically. These discolorations can be removed by electrosurgery or laser treatment. Recovery is quite fast and smooth, and a little anesthesia will be sufficient for this process. The light pink color can be preserved for a long time even though there is a possibility of recurrence.