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Bad breath can result from dental health problems. But sometimes it can result from upper respiratory diseases, problems in the digestion system or diabetes. However, the first thing to eliminate is the intraoral problems.

  • Lack of oral hygiene
  • Excessive tartar and plaque
  • Existence of a tooth decay
  • Gingival diseases are the major causes.

Reduction in saliva flow is also a reason for bad breath. Conditions that cause a decrease in the activity of salivary glands (blockage of salivary glands, radiotherapy, use of medication, insufficient liquid consumption, etc.) directly decrease the amount of saliva.

Because of the rough texture of your tongue, many bacteria are kept on it. These bacteria are the cause of bad breath by 65%.

In its treatment, initially the tongue must be brushed, and care must be given to oral hygiene and routinized. Then necessary treatment should be provided. If the bad smell does not go away, evaluations about the other systems should be done.