Is Transparent Plaque as Effective as Braces?

The use of transparent plaque (Invisalign) and braces is included under the heading of orthodontic treatments, and these treatment applications are performed to eliminate the crowded and discrete tooth problem and a certain number of slip-like conditions in the jawbone. In both applications, it is aimed to apply pressure on the teeth and thus eliminate shape and position disorders.

Although the principle of success of the applications is the same, whether the use of transparent plaque or the use of braces in a person who needs orthodontic treatment is more appropriate is determined according to the needs of the mouth structure and teeth. While braces treatment is more appropriate for people who require radical changes and especially for people with slipped jaw bones, the use of transparent plaque is sufficient to solve the problem for people with less crowded tooth appearance. Here, the doctor will decide to determine the problems and apply the appropriate treatment. After this decision, the success rate will be the same for both applications to be preferred. However, to achieve these successful results, the duration of using transparent plaque or braces will differ according to the needs of the person.

Transparent Plaque or Braces?

The use of transparent plaque and braces is basically the treatment of choice to solve the same problems. However, the use of braces is more commonly preferred for people with bigger problems in tooth and jaw structure. In the treatment of braces with a longer application period compared to the use of transparent plaque, it is necessary to visit the doctor periodically. In these controls, the condition of the tooth and jaw structure is observed and if necessary, the braces are repaired. It will be more advantageous to use transparent plaque for people who have problems in allocating time for regular checks. Because between the doctor controls are longer in the use of transparent plates.

The use of transparent plates should be at least 22 hours during the day. When transparent plaques are removed during eating, they should be stored in special containers and the hygiene of these containers should be taken into consideration. Transparent plaques that should be in the mouth apart from the eating process can be used for about 1 year to achieve successful results. This time will vary depending on the size of the problems seen in the teeth. Although transparent plaque application is generally a treatment application desired by aesthetically anxious people, it is best to leave the decision of whether to use braces or transparent plaque for the most successful treatment result to the doctor.

What are the Specific Needs of the Applications?

The person receiving treatment should pay attention to some issues in the treatment of braces and transparent plaque to eliminate the crowding in the tooth positions and irregularities in the jaw structure. First of all, people who use braces should stay away from the consumption of carbonated beverages and hard-shelled foods for a while in order not to damage the braces. Because the beverages and foods consumed can damage the braces. In addition, food wastes frequently accumulate around the brackets, which are the contact points of the braces on the tooth due to the pressure formation mechanism of the braces. This may cause bacteria to form on the tooth surfaces and therefore caries may occur on the teeth. Therefore, it is very important for people who use braces to brush their teeth after each meal and keep bacteria away from their teeth.

In people using transparent plaque, plaque cleaning is the most important issue to be considered during the treatment process. It is necessary to pay attention to both the transparent plaque and the oral hygiene to prevent the formation of bacteria caused by food residues on the transparent plaque surfaces that contact the teeth for approximately 22 hours and as a result, to prevent decay in the teeth. It will be sufficient to clean the transparent plaques with water to keep them clean. In addition, transparent plaques do not need to be removed while consuming beverages. However, the drinks consumed during the use of transparent plates must be cold. The plaque must be removed for hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Both applications have their own needs and variables. It should be kept in mind that sharing the questions with the doctor in these processes is very important for a healthy and successful treatment process. 

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