What is the Most Durable Veneer Type?

In the repair of cracks and fractures in the teeth, and also in yellowed teeth where teeth whitening applications are insufficient, the tooth veneering technique is applied as a saving method. When these problems are encountered, the dental veneering method used is carried out with the principle of covering the teeth with a structure compatible with the dental tissue by wearing them to a certain extent. The veneering materials used in the process and some special techniques used determine the specific name and type of veneering treatment. Commonly preferred veneer treatments are composite laminate veneer, empress veneer techniques, and zirconium veneer. The type of veneering and application technique to be applied here varies according to the condition, location of the tooth, and the requests of the person. In addition, the veneering treatments to be applied have advantages compared to each other. In the veneering treatment to be performed for the yellowed teeth, which is planned to be applied after the deformations in the teeth or where the bleaching application is insufficient, doctors easily determine which type of veneer will be advantageous for the person after the examination of the teeth. The main point to be considered here is the suitability of the veneer treatment to be applied according to the location of the tooth in the mouth and how long the veneers will be used. In order not to be exposed to the dental veneer treatment process repeatedly, a functional treatment should be applied at once and the permanence of the treatment should be increased by choosing a durable veneer type. Zirconium veneer treatment is recently and widely preferred as the longest-lasting veneer treatment. With its similarity close to the tooth, the material of zirconium offers other advantages, as well as long-lasting use and, is therefore frequently preferred. 

What is Zirconium Veneer Treatment and Why is it Preferred?

If you need veneer treatment, the main issue that you should pay attention to is the lifetime of the veneers. The durability of the veneer, which allows it to be used for a long time, is determined according to the material it is made of. Zirconium veneer has recently been preferred as the preferred veneer type with its durability and long-lasting use. Zirconium veneer treatment begins with the reduction of the tooth, like the applications made in other types of metal-supported veneers. The tooth is worn for a certain amount and the necessary measurements are taken. Then, the prepared veneer is applied with the use of tooth-specific adhesives required under local anesthesia. With the anesthesia applied during the treatment, patients do not feel pain and soreness during the process. Zirconium veneer offers an aesthetic natural appearance to people with its transparent structure similar to the tooth and its appearance compatible with other teeth. Therefore, zirconium veneer is the most preferred application among the dental veneer types with its close form to natural teeth and long-lasting use. 

What are the Other Advantages of Zirconium Veneers?

After the necessary physical examinations of the people to be applied zirconium veneer, the treatment details are discussed with the doctor and patient communication, and the most appropriate treatment route is determined in all details. All advantages are evaluated by considering the current situation before the treatment and then the treatment process begins. What the advantages will bring to the patient is explained in detail by the doctor in this process. In zirconium veneer treatment, measurements are taken according to the location and condition of the tooth to be applied, and zirconium veneers, which will remain close to their appearance on the first day for the longest time, are prepared with precision. In this way, natural tooth feeling is captured with the veneer form specially prepared for the patient, and comfortable use is provided after the treatment. Zirconium veneer is also most preferred to remove deformations that occur in the anterior teeth. This is because it is the closest veneer type to the natural tooth appearance. Zirconium veneer treatment, which offers all the advantages expected from a dental veneer treatment, provides the ideal use for people who have problems with tooth structure and surface. 

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