Who needs gingival aesthetics?

Teeth are the most attractive parts of people since they provide both healthy and aesthetic appearance. A person’s smile is an impressive detail about the person. The fundamental components of smile are teeth and gum. In short, the clean and aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gum is an attractive point in a person’s general appearance. We know that to have a beautiful smile, you need have white teeth, but what about the gum? What can be done to have heathy and aesthetic gum? Firstly, a fight against intraoral bacteria is necessary.  You can fight with intraoral bacteria that cause tooth decay and gingival diseases by regular oral hygiene. However, sometimes the regional damage the intraoral bacteria give to the gum cannot be defeated only by oral hygiene. In this case, there are different applications depending on the gingival problem. The most common of these applications is gingival aesthetics. It is possible to have a beautiful, healthy, aesthetic, and impressive smile with this application.

To whom and how is it done?

Inadequate oral care causes serious problems in the gum. The problems can be eliminated by gingivoplasty. Gingival deformation due to gingival diseases or innate unaesthetic gingiva, is a problem like asymmetric disorder, recession, different gingival color, and excessive amount of gingiva covering the teeth. These problems can be solved easily by a dentist in a clinic using gingival aesthetic applications.  Gingival aesthetic application is done by slightly minimizing the gum or reshaping it to have an even look. A healthy gingiva is pink in color.  The differences in the tones of pink are also a messenger of gingival diseases. Therefore, any kind of application on the color of the gingiva is part of gingival aesthetics. The dentist must have a careful examination of intraoral health. For a good gingival aesthetic surgery, other intraoral problems, if there are any, must be treated first. The results can be more successful then. Gingival aesthetic is also beneficial for people with gingival recession.  Grafting through the roots should be applied for these people for a regional aesthetic appearance. After all these applications, gingiva will look healthier and more aesthetic.

What are some of the things that you should pay attention to after the application?  

There is no age or procedure restriction for gingival aesthetics.  Anyone who needs the treatment can benefit from it. But patients must be careful about some issues before and after the application. Firstly, before the application, if there are any diseases or deformation, it should be treated because they may affect the quality of the process and the results of it. After the operation, patients shouldn’t forget that there is duration for recovery. In the first day of recovery, the patient should avoid hot, cold, and fizzy drinks and spicy food. In addition, in the first 5 days the patient mustn’t smoke. This application is like a surgery; that’s why, the patient shouldn’t forget to use the protective equipment during recovery. After gingival aesthetics, a protective paste will be given. You should avoid touching the places where the paste is applied with your tongue. As a result, a fast recovery will be achieved. You should also use the medication prescribed by the dentist and follow their advice.

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