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Zirconium is a strong white metal. It is used in the form of zirconia in dentistry. It is indestructible and biocompatible. When it is used as a basis for porcelain crown, because it is opaque white, it looks more natural than porcelain crowns with metal-base. It can also be used as one-layer crown material by dying it with a suitable color. 

Versatile Application

Zirconium coating can be applied as short bridges or single coating in the back teeth. However, in long bridges metal base bridges is preferred due to low rupture strength.

Solution for Front Teeth with Discoloration

Individuals who want an aesthetic appearance in their front teeth prefer zirconium dental coating. However, due to their opaque appearance, they cannot exactly imitate the natural enamel. It will be better if it is installed in the front teeth with discoloration. In order to obtain the most natural appearance, ceramic crown which doesn’t have any substructure material is preferred.