What are the things that you should be careful in the use of braces?

How is brace treatment applied?

Teeth are aligned along the jawbone and break nutrients into parts as the first stage of digestion. They are generally aligned on the jawbone and are formed of bone and nerves. However, in some people teeth are misaligned innate or happening later. Misaligned teeth cause an unaesthetic appearance. Some people have spaces between their teeth. This may be innate or due to teeth loss, especially in people whose teeth growth is continuing. Teeth that are far apart also cause an unaesthetic look and are not wanted by people. For diastema (having space between the teeth) and misaligned teeth dentists start brace treatment process.

Who is it appropriate for and how does the process develop?

When people have space between their teeth or misaligned teeth, dentists start brace treatment process. Brace treatment, applied to children whose adult teeth are grown, is suitable for all ages. To straighten your teeth, a bracket is bonded on each tooth and the dental arch wires are then put into place to hold teeth together. The treatment lasts from 6 months to 2 years. While the duration of the treatment is shorter for kids, it lasts a little bit longer for adults.  This is because shaping the bone and tissues of children is easier.  Although the treatment might take 2 years for adults, they will have pearly, straight teeth in the end.

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What are the things we should be careful about in brace treatment?

Brace treatment is a long process, but you will get 100% success and the result will be satisfactory. While the treatment is continuing, you must be careful about some things. Although the process seems long, it is important to rely on and do what your dentist says. During the treatment, the 3 most important things are as follows: Firstly, you must keep your teeth and your braces very clean while you're wearing them. You must brush your teeth for 120 seconds twice a day and each tooth must be brushed 7 times. You need to use a soft toothbrush in order not to damage the brackets. In this way, the gaps between the brackets will be cleaned and they will not be damaged.

Another important thing is to pay attention to the food consumed. You mustn’t consume food that might stick to your braces and chew gum. Also, people with braces should never forget that the brace they are wearing is a kind of metal and avoid fizzy drinks. Finally, you shouldn’t forget that there might be some pressure on teeth during the use of braces even though you may not feel it and you must protect your mouth while doing sports. While doing sports, it is better to use an appliance in order not to receive a blow to the mouth, not to damage the brackets and most importantly in order for the intraoral not to get injured. If you pay attention to these issues, your treatment will be finalized healthily, and you will have beautifully aligned teeth.

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